Selling is an entrepreneur’s most important skill.

Build repeatable and scalable B2B sales for your business.

  • Are you running your business for years and still not getting the scale you want?

  • Want to sell at a higher price but it seems impossible?

  • Have you tried hiring salespeople but it didn’t end well?

  • Are you still selling primarily by referrals and networking?

  • Do you want to acquire new customers, but don’t know how to do it in a systematic and organized way?

  • Feel like your business could grow faster but don’t know what’s blocking growth?

  • Are you worried that you will lose market position and your competitors will leave you behind?

  • Do you feel like, after all, there must be proven ways to make more sales that just work, you just don’t know how to discover them?

  • Dreaming of salespeople and a sales department that will finally take selling off your shoulders and you can focus on running your business?

Cooperation with SMBs and excellent understanding of their needs is our strength

SalesMachine is an effective B2B sales system

  • Repeatable, measurable, scalable

Sales Process

SalesMachine is an intensive dedicated mentoring program during which you will build a sales process tailored to your company. You will learn proven and specific sales principles. You will learn in practice dozens of techniques that will take your communication to the master level. You’ll be able to discover the real needs and motivations of your interlocutors, deal with objections and close the sale in a repeatable way.

Łukasz Zjawiński

SalesMachine Founder

Chcesz zwiększyć sprzedaż w Twojej firmie? Zastanawiasz się jak to zrobić? Sprawdź czy możemy Ci pomóc.

We are trusted by small and medium business owners

SalesMachine is a comprehensive program that allows you to effectively start your sales and make them repeatable over time. It focuses on practical issues of what and how things need to happen in order to realistically acquire new customers and sell more. I highly recommend it to any entrepreneur, who is already aware that the lack of good sales is the main growth barrier for their business.

Maciej Wężykowski, RENDART , Owner
While building my sales process with SalesMachine, I learned many specific communication methods, tools and techniques. This enabled me to change my sales process from organic and primarily referral-based to more organized and effective. A side effect of the consulting was also a significant increase in average order size and an increase in margin. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about growing their own business.
Arkadiusz Stolecki, NUEKO Digital, Owner

SalesMachine is a complete system, containing everything you need to know to do effective B2B sales.

Build an effective sales process.

SalesMachine is a system that enables you to actively acquire new B2B customers. It’s a proven way to find the perfect contacts that you need and convert them into real customers. From A to Z. You will learn everything you need to know to make your company operate on the basis of a specific, measurable and repeatable sales process.

SalesMachine for SMBs

SalesMachine is a program that is specifically dedicated to owners of micro and small businesses who want to overcome growth barriers and enter the next level of revenue and profitability. 

It is divided into three main elements that, when used together, enable you to make repeatable sales.

The SalesMachine system will allow you to

Build repeatable and scalable B2B sales

Making sales independent of referrals and luck

Sell with a higher margin

Enter to a new customer segments 

Delegating activities that make up the sales process

Quantifying and forecasting sales, basing it on numbers

Conducting remote sales (inside sales) without the need for physical meetings

Entering foreign markets – sell globally, act locally

Guaranteed effects*

You can be sure that learning and applying the knowledge acquired during the program gives concrete results. Here are examples of the numerical benefits that have been achieved during and after the implementation of the program

Fourfold increase in the company’s profit (to 500 thousand) with a 63% increase in turnover during the year

Increasing the average price of the service by 55% within 4 months (from PLN 4500 to PLN 7000)

Double the number of projects/clients acquired during the year

*say during the consultation that you would like to speak with business owners who have achieved the above results, we will try to arrange a phone call

We understand the needs and characteristics of small businesses. These companies trust us.

It’s a program only for a select few

highly motivated entrepreneurs who really want to take their business to the next level

Like a good lawyer, we only take on projects that we believe will succeed. We work with entrepreneurs who have the potential to develop a profitable company (not necessarily the biggest one). Our mission is to bring modern sales know-how to many Polish companies. We may not always be able to take on a new company, but we are always happy to meet new entrepreneurs and will be happy to talk to you about your company and industry. We will try to give you free feedback for the development of your organization, even if we ultimately do not cooperate. Let’s see if we’ll be on the same page – schedule a free consultation.


Your business probably still isn’t making the profits you’re hoping for. Even if you already have salespeople you know they could be working more effectively. Months and years go by of your company’s lost potential. Your competitors are not sleeping and are implementing better and better solutions. Costs rise quickly and easily, while revenues struggle. We understand the challenges you face every day.

We believe that a lack of well-organized sales is a major barrier to business growth. We also think that there is no business problem that can’t be solved by the flow of money from the market. Money comes from customers, customers come from sales… and effective sales won’t be done by itself. Check if we can help you – let’s talk without obligation.